Lessoon Queig-jeig as Daeed

ny cur
t'eh cur eh
v'eh cur eh
dug eh ?
nagh dug eh ?
Cha dug eh
hug eh

yn argid
yn faill
yn check
yn brishey
yn coontey
yn mayl

Nagh dug eh yn argid jee ?
Nagh dug eh yn faill jee ?
Nagh dug eh yn check jee ?
Nagh dug eh yn brishey jee ?
Nagh dug eh yn coontey jee ?
Nagh dug eh yn mayl jee ?

Cur yn argid da Juan, my saillt
Ta mee cur eh da nish
Ny cur yn mayl da foast
Ren eh magh yn coontey dou eisht
Dooar oo yn brishey veih'n 'er-shapp ?
Nagh ren yn check rieau çheet veih Juan ?

cha nel oo er chur
c'red t'ou gra ?
yn argid-thie
t’ou laccal

EALISH Cha nel oo er chur yn argid- thie
dou foast, Orree.
ORREE Nagh dug mee eh dhyt riyr ?
EALISH Nagh vel fys ayd nagh dug ?
ORREE Va mee shickyr dy dug.
Shoh eh reesht.
EALISH Reesht! C'red t'ou gra?
Cha dooar mee eh.
ORREE T'eh ayd nish, aghterbee.
Vel brishey çheet hym?
EALISH Brishey! T'ou laccal brishey!
to her
don't give
he is giving it
he was giving it
did he give ?
didn't he give ?
he didn’t give
he gave

the money
the wages
the cheque
the change
the bill
the rent

Didn't he give her the money ?
Didn't he give her the wages ?
Didn't he give her the cheque ?
Didn't he give her the change ?
Didn't he give her the bill ?
Didn't he give her the rent ?

Give the money to Juan, please.
I am giving it to him now.
Don’t give him the rent yet.
He made out the bill for me then.
Did you get the change from the shopkeeper ?
Didn't the cheque ever come from Juan ?

to me
you haven't given
what are you saying ?
the house-money
you want

You haven't given me the house-money yet. Orree.

Didn't I give it to you last night ?
Don't you now that you didn't ?
I was sure that I did.
Here it is again.
Again. What are you saying?
I didn't get it.
You have it now anyway.
Is there any change coming to me ?
Change! You want change!

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