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What's in a name?

Wed, 19 Feb 2014

What's in  a name?

Many of you may already know that I used to work in a secondary school in London. Returning home to Mannin would always result in a few comments from my colleagues asking as to whether I got the ferry from Portsmouth or Southampton?

Some never really came to terms with the idea that such a short boat journey actually started in Liverpool; moreover, neither did a producer of a Channel 4 programme that I once appeared on who commented that they didn't realise Gaelic was still spoken on the Isle of Wight. Neither did I!

Names are important - in the beginning was the word after all - so the change in name for the organisation that I work for will hopefully go some way to illustrating the great work we do and the strong values that underpin our commitment to our cultural identity. 

Culture Vannin is our new name and it's a change that coincides with the Island of Culture celebrations which we are significant supporters of.

Moreover, with a new website www.culturevannin.im an inspirational promotional video here and a more detailed promotional brochure we hope you can join us in an exciting future for both the culture and identity of the Island.

We will continue to promote and support all aspects of our unique culture and we hope you can join us on this journey; a journey that starts and finishes in Mannin and avoids you having to take a ferry from Portsmouth!