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We have a range of lessons available online for anyone to access. These lessons range from beginner lessons with Manx phrases you can use in day to day life, through to the advanced lesson where Manx speakers are in conversation. Once you feel you are ready then test your knowledge of Manx and Manx History with our online games.



Consisting of simple lessons, each with three very short sound files, these lessons are suitable for people which no knowledge of Manx Gaelic. These are an excellent resource for those people who would either like to learn some basic sayings or find out a little more about the language.
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These lessons are suitable for those who have either completed the beginner's lessons or who have some knowledge of the language. Each lesson includes a sound file of about three - four minutes. The accompanying text for the lesson enables the learner to follow the lesson whilst listening to it.
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Suitable for those with a good command of the language these are more personal profiles than lessons. Consisting of dialogue from past and present speakers of Manx Gaelic each profile has examples of fluent spoken Manx.
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This is a graded course first translated into Manx by Brian Stowell. The lessons do not come with any grammar points but are an excellent introduction to the spoken language. Lessons 1-37 were recorded a number of years ago and give an excellent flavour of a more traditional pronunciation.
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Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley

The Vampire Murders

Intrigue and scandal in Ellan Vannin. This is the first part of a series which appeared in the Manx papers a number of years ago. Now published in book form we hope to eventually have the whole book available here with sound recordings.
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Yn Eiraght Americaanagh

The American Inheritance

These are the conversational lessons which accompany the course, Coorse Mooar. The book is available in shops and provides a comprehensive guide to the language.
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